Vacuum brazing metal/metal

Due to the uniform heating of materials and the fully automated processes used in vacuum brazing, we are able to achieve a continuous standard of high quality, especially in components with several joints.

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High-temperature brazing in a vacuum is a technique of flux free brazing in a vacuum furnace. Metallic solders are used for metal-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal joints. Particularly in the production of components with several joints and large components, we are able to achieve a continuous standard of high quality by uniformly heating the materials and by using fully automated processes.

There is a wide range of applications for this technology. Vacuum-brazed products are used in the following areas:

  • Aerospace
  • Geostationary turbines
  • Food industry
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning technology
  • Vacuum technology
  • Analytical technology
  • Plate and tubular heat exchangers
  • Medical technology
  • Research and development

This technology has been under continual development for over 25 years. The knowledge we have gained and our expertise in process engineering combine to make Wolf FT a recognised partner in the manufacture of vacuum-brazed components.

Vacuum brazing metal/ceramics

One of the strengths of Wolf FT is ceramic-to-metal bonding using vacuum brazing technology.

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Wolf FT not only processes aluminium oxide ceramics, but also sapphires, zirconium oxide ceramics and industrial diamonds.

Our products are widely used in vacuum technology, and aluminium oxide ceramics are frequently used as an insulator in a broad range of structural designs. Wolf FT produces the individual metal components (the ceramic components are purchased from long-standing partners) and carries out further processes such as vacuum brazing, as well as other production steps.

Depending on the design required, we use either active brazing or brazing with metallised ceramics.

Other major areas of use include:

  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Laser technology
  • Tool technology

Our company also specialises in micro-brazing processes using a minimal amount of flux for the production of components subject to high thermal stress.

Welding technology

Welding technology is most widely used in the manufacture of composite components and is a key technology in our company, as is vacuum brazing.

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TIG welding is generally carried out using semi-automatic machines or welding robots. This enables complex welding solutions to be realised with a high degree of reproducibility and economic efficiency.

Other welding techniques offered by Wolf FT are:

  • Orbital welding
  • Stud welding
  • Resistance welding

Other welding technologies such as laser welding and electron beam welding are implemented in cooperation with expert partner companies.

Mechanical production

We are a supplier to manufacturers of vacuum systems and vacuum components and are specialised in the mechanical processing of stainless steels and aluminium.

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Our production facility offers modern machinery in conjunction with a programming system and 3D measurement technology. The components are generally produced in small to mid-sized series.

A turning and milling centre, horizontal and vertical machining centres and diverse CNC lathes for a diameter of up to 500 mm are in operation. We not only process various premium steels and aluminium materials, but also copper materials and nickel-base alloys. Our range of products includes individual parts for welded and brazed constructions as well as complex production parts.

Cleaning – surface technology

Highest demands are placed on the cleanness of manufactured parts and components, particularly in the vacuum industry.

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Wolf FT uses a fully automated, single chamber, ultrasonic cleaning system with 3 cleaning baths for cleaning the components. This is a closed system, in which all operations from pre-cleaning to drying are carried out in one fully sealed chamber in an automatic, program-controlled process.

Contaminated parts are perfectly cleaned and dried. The complex process provides not only highest precision cleaning, but also a high throughput capacity.

Other methods of surface cleaning used are:

  • Belt polishing machine for seal faces
  • Glass bead blasting
  • Corundum blasting
  • Trovalising
  • Electropolishing in cooperation with external partners
  • Electroplating in cooperation with external partners

Quality control

Reliability and quality are essential prerequisites for success in any business. Right from the start, Wolf FT demands highest quality standards and produces accordingly, as is demonstrated by the use of modern, computer-aided measurement technology.

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3D measuring equipment and surface testing devices are used for dimensional checks and surface inspections in conjunction with standard measuring instruments.

For leak testing, we use helium leak detectors with leak test thresholds as low as 1×10-¹² mbar.l.sec-¹. Further analyses such as pressure tests and flow-through rate tests assure seamless quality control. Regular monitoring guarantees process safety and machine capability. We also carry out internal audits and external customer audits.

TÜV Zertifikat LogoDimensional inspection:

3D coordinate measuring equipment, measuring range:

X axis: 905 mm
Y axis: 1605 mm
Z axis: 605 m

Leak testing using helium leak detector:

Leak test thresholds down to 1×10-¹² mbar.l.sec-¹.



Wolf FT has a cleanroom (ISO class 6 and 7) of approx. 110 sq m in size, in which components and assemblies are fitted.

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In order to guarantee economical assembly, we have equipped fitting trolleys with all the necessary parts and tools for the individual product groups. Our products are assembled by trained personnel in accordance with work instructions.

Subsequently, the assemblies are subjected to function and leak tests depending on requirements. Cleanroom compatible packaging or delivery in special packaging is guaranteed in agreement with the customer.

Production of assemblies

Wolf FT understands its role as a strategic partner in developing complex system solutions and has always emphasised the value of long-term customer relationships. We not only offer advice on production procedures, but provide support right from the start of the development and prototype stages and also manage the purchase of all outsourced components for the assemblies

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A cleanroom is available for fitting the assemblies, thus guaranteeing maximum cleanliness. After fitting, the assemblies are subjected to function and leak tests depending on requirements.

Our services also include the packaging of the assemblies in defined containers, or cleanroom compatible double packaging.

Logistic handling of recurring components is generally done on the basis of framework agreements with call-off, Kanban system management or individual orders.

Our machinery

List of machinery and technical description of equipment used.

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List of machinery and technical description of equipment used by Wolf Fertigungs- und Fügetechnik GmbH

Vacuum Brazing Equipment

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Vacuum brazing furnace MOV 643 T

  • Work chamber 600x800x600 mm
  • Metal-heated
  • Max. temperature 1200°C
  • Atmospheres: High vacuum to 1×10-6 mbar N2 to 150 mbar
  • Fast cooling: Fan cooling N2
  • Program controlled

Vacuum brazing furnace MOV 453 T

  • Work chamber 350x500x350 mm
  • Metal-heated
  • Max. temperature 1200°C
  • Atmospheres: High vacuum to 1×10-6 mbar Ar to 150 mbar
  • Fast cooling: Fan cooling Ar
  • Program controlled

Welding technology

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Welding robot ABB 1

  • TIG welding robot system
  • 6-axis robot with tilt and turn table
  • Equipped with torch exchange system for complex welding operations
  • 2 work stations enable tool assignment during the welding process
  • Welding of stainless steel and aluminium materials
  • Cold wire feed for additional welds

Welding robot ABB 2

  • TIG welding robot system
  • 6-axis robot with rotary table
  • Stainless steel welding

Orbital welding

Stud welding

  • CNC controlled welding of threaded bolts, internally-threaded bushes, pins, special bolts
  • Economical and reproducible due to CNC control
  • Threaded bolts from M3 to M8

Resistance welding

  • Resistance welding of sheet metal parts
  • Processing of sheet metal parts up to 4 mm
  • Microprocessor control (15 welding programmes – 16 programmable parameters for each programme)

Semi-automatic linear and rotary unit for TIG welding

Diverse welding equipment

Mechanical processing for turning and milling

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3 CTX gamma 1250 TC

  • Max. turning diameter 580 mm
  • Turning and milling in one set up
  • Full 6-sided machining
  • 120 tools HSK 63
  • High-performance milling spindle with speed of up to 12 000 1/min.
  • Shorter processing times due to turret positioned below

Turning/milling centre GMX200

  • Max. turning diameter 560 mm
  • Turning and milling in one set-up
  • Full 6-sided machining
  • 40 tools HSK 63
  • High-performance milling spindle with up to 12 000 1/min.

Turning centre CTX 500

  • Max. turning diameter 500 mm
  • Max. turning length 1000 mm
  • Chuck diameter 250 / 400 mm
  • Lathe with 6 driven tools

CTX 310

  • Max. turning diameter 300 mm
  • Max. turning length 500 mm
  • Max. chuck diameter 160 mm
  • 6 driven tools

CTX 210

  • Max. turning diameter 200 mm
  • Max. turning length 300 mm
  • Max. chuck diameter 140 mm
  • Lathe with 6 driven tools

Mori Seiki NL2500

  • 2-sided processing with automatic transfer
  • Max. turning diameter 250 mm
  • Max. turning length 300 mm
  • Max. chuck diameter 250/160 mm
  • 6 driven tools
  • High-performance milling

Horizontal machining centre Okuma MB4000H

  • Tool storage 146
  • 6-phase APC power protection
  • X/Y/Z travels:560/560/625mm

Vertical machining centre Okuma

  • Travels: 800x480x420
  • Tool storage 48
  • Spindle speed 15.000 1/min.
  • Internal cooling system


  • Polishing unit for polishing seal faces
  • Surface finish grade up to N2

Component cleaning and surface treatment

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Compact cleaning system DÜRR Ecoclean

  • Fully automatic aqueous cleaning
  • Basket size 670x480x350
  • Programmable basket movement in cleaning bath
  • High-power ultrasonic device
  • Hot air and vacuum drying
  • A selection of cleaning programmes for optimum product cleanness

Trovalising system

  • Trovalising in a trough vibrator
  • Max. component size 250x100x600
  • Improvement of surface quality, burr removal

Sand blasting

  • 2 sand blast cabinets
  • Max. component size 400x500x200
  • Improves surface quality
  • Bead blasting and corundum blasting

Measurement technology and leak testing

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2 Mitutoyo 3D coordinate measuring machines

  • Measuring range 905x1605x605 mm
  • Probe change system for complex measuring applications

3 helium leak detectors

  • Leybold UL 400 up to leakage rate of 1×10-12 mbarls-1
  • 2 Pfeiffer Smart Test HLT 570 leak detectors

Surface measurement equipment

  • Measuring range up to N1

Assembly and preparation of components for vacuum brazing

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Cleanroom assembly

  • ISO class 6 and 7 cleanroom, size approx. 110 sq m
  • Assembly of various components

Tool and equipment storage, individual parts storage

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Tool and equipment storage, individual parts storage

3x Kardex Shuttle-XP-500

Laser inscription

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Laser inscription of our metal and ceramic components, marking with part number, charge number etc. at customer’s request