Product development

Components and assemblies are developed, designed and produced using innovative methods combined with our expertise in handling different materials. Our products are optimised in cooperation with the customer to meet with individual specifications relating to function, quality and cost calculation. We accompany a development project from the original enquiry right through to prototype construction, production approval and series production.

Close cooperation with our customers ensures that their special knowhow in the field is supplemented by our expertise in joining technology. This lays the foundation for the joint realisation of new and innovative products.

Different material properties can be combined in one component by using vacuum-brazing technology, for example. This increases the range of product applications, as defined material properties are implemented precisely where they are required. This leads in turn to a reduction in costs.

A simplified process sequence can be described as follows:

  • Definition of the specific product features required and documentation in a specification sheet
  • Design and construction input by customer
  • Integration of joining technology and production imperatives by Wolf FT
  • Joint assessment of design and material selection
  • Decision and approval of prototype construction
  • Production of prototypes in cooperation with customer or by Wolf FT
  • Testing and implementation of prototypes
  • Decision – approval, or revision of construction and production of new prototypes