Wolf Fertigungs- und Fügetechnik GmbH is a leading system supplier in high-vacuum technology. We serve the semiconductor, coating, R&D markets as well as the manufacturers of analysis and treatment equipment. Reliable quality always plays the decisive role. Since we were founded in 1990, we have been constantly expanding our experience in vacuum sealing technology using complex joining techniques.

In addition to vacuum brazing technology, welding is one of the company’s core competencies for the production of composite components. TIG welding is mainly used on semi-automatic and robot systems. This is how we solve complex welding tasks with high reproducibility and economic efficiency. Other in-house welding processes are orbital welding, stud welding and resistance welding.

Due to constant optimization and development work, we also meet the high requirements of our customers from different branches of industry in terms of cleanliness, surface quality, tightness and degree of innovation.

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The application competence of Wolf Fertigungs- und Fügetechnik GmbH offers our customers the optimal vacuum solution for their applications. Our vacuum specialists are constantly optimizing the processes, opening up new areas of application and mastering enormously complex challenges. Our customers are in the foreground and the focus of our actions. We see it as an obligation to serve the newly emerging application areas and trends in our focus markets and to jointly exploit the growth drivers. For us, quality means excellence in all processes. Our company is therefore ISO 9001 certified and regularly undergoes external audits.

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